Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Dori Lenz Holte at Voice Unearthed...

Hello all!  I see I promised back in September of 2012 that I was back to blogging...I lied.  I've been having health issues over the past year, so please forgive me for my inconsistent communication.  I'm doing much much better (I struggle with Lupus/autoimmune stuff), and I am back!  Seriously...

I hope you are all doing well!  Those of you parents with kids exhibiting stuttering behavior, I would love to hear  how you are doing!  Speech therapists -- hope you're hanging in there and keeping them talking!!  Would love the hear from you too!

Over the past month I was honored to participate in the International Stuttering Day Online Conference (ISAD) which actually runs from October 1 through October 22.  I will be posting my submission here on my blog and you can also go to

to read the paper and responses.  Most responses and questions come from graduate students in Communicative Disorder programs, and they are inspiring!   We've got a very passionate and dedicated group of future therapists getting ready to tackle this complex issue.  

I would like to publicly thank the ISAD Conference Committee - Keith Boss, Bruce Imhof, Anita Blom, Dan Hudock, and David Resnick for their tremendous efforts.  The site was visited over 14,000 times by people all over the world!    And of course, thank you to Judith Kuster!  Judith started this conference back in 1999 and kept it going until she retired last year.   Absolutely amazing!!  She also started the Stuttering Home Page (through University of Minnesota, Mankato State) which is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in this issue.  Her contribution to this field is legendary... Thank you all for your support and KEEP THEM TALKING!    Best,Dori Lenz Holte   

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